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How would you like to get paid anything from fifty cents to four dollars consistently again and again and make passive income online?

This method can be set up in the less than five minutes, has endless earning potential and is one hundred percent free to begin. Plus, it works all over the world, on top of this you can earn money each and every single day.

In this article I will tell you how to put everything together in order to provide you with the very best opportunity to make the most money with this method.


We are going to be utilizing a website called this is available worldwide and I am going to reveal to you how you can utilize this website really easily and make a great deal of money.

This is an excellent website, due to the fact that you can literally earn money every day utilizing these guys, it has actually been utilized by a great deal of huge businesses and the very best part about this method is there is absolutely no selling.

First of all, we need to head over to you can register through your Facebook account, you can register with google or you can sign up with your email.

The website has a one-dollar minimum daily payment limit and I’m going to tell you how to make hundreds with this. When you integrate this website with a passive income method you can make a great deal of money.

For those of you that do not know what CPA means it’s essentially a cost per acquisition or a cost per action. So basically, when someone makes an action for instance… (enters their email or provides analysis), then you’re going to make money. They do not even have to go and purchase that item.

As soon as you have registered I want you to go to your dashboard, here you will have the ability to see your statistics and develop landing pages and so on. If you take a look at the country filter it will reveal to you which countries you can do this in.

This is essentially worldwide I haven’t seen a country on here that can’t utilize this website. When you scroll down you will be able to see all the offers the website has and what they pay per action.

Now like I stated this is cost per acquisition or cost per action which means that when individuals click your link, they do not have to buy anything they simply need to register for you to earn money.

When you scroll down you will see various offers however what we’re searching for is gift cards. You will see lots of gift cards readily available such as pizza hut, visa, and so on.

You can select all countries if you desire or you can select particular countries you wish to market in. For the purpose of this article, I am going to use the one-hundred-dollar Walmart gift card.

With this gift card you make one dollar and sixteen cents each and every single time somebody registers. If you click on the gift card you will have the ability to see your affiliate link, whenever you share this link and anyone clicks onto it and signs up then you make a commission and they enter into a draw to win a one-hundred-dollar gift card. This is super simple incredibly easy and is highly effective

“Discipline Is Giving Yourself A Command And Following It.”



So how are we going to get this totally free traffic? You want to go over to a website called this is a website where you can develop your own professional looking quizzes.

You are not required to register to this website, all you need to do is come click on “make your own quiz for free”. As soon as you click on that it’s going to take you to a page where you can create your own quiz.

You simply just want to click “create new quiz” from there click on “start from scratch” and after that click the assessment section. It might look complex however it’s incredibly easy, from this page we’re going to create a really quick Walmart quiz.

In the headline section of this page, I would type something like “Answer this for an opportunity to win a one-hundred-dollar gift card” that’s all you have to do for the headline section.

As soon as you have done that you are going to need to insert an image. For this we will go to google and enter one-hundred-dollar Walmart gift card, then select an image and save it to your computer.

After saving the image we can go to this a totally free website in which to build designs. If you do not have an account you can quickly register for free, we then need to create a custom design.

Click on create design and enter 900 x 400 px since this is the size we need for the quiz image section. When you have done this you can upload the image we saved from google and crop it into the custom design area we have just created.

Save this image and download onto your computer. After you save this on to your computer, we can head back to click on the image section and upload the image that we have just created from your computer.

Then next up is the description area, this is going to inform people precisely what they’re getting themselves into. In this section I would quite simply put something like “answer this question and follow the instructions for your opportunity to win a $100 Walmart gift card”.

Beneath the description you will see a call-to-action button. click on this to modify it, all you need to do is simply enter something like “click here to access the quiz”.

If you hover over the button you will see an option to enter a URL, in this section you need to enter the affiliate link that cpaleads provided you with when you clicked on the Walmart gift card.

Simply copy the link and paste it into the URL section of the call-to-action button and leave it as open in new link and after you have done that, save it.

Now on the left-hand side click on the questions section and we need to create our questions. Remember we are quite simply creating a really basic quiz, so all you want to do is enter a few really simple questions.

Enter something really simple like “in what country would you find Walmart”? and after that simply enter four different countries into the answer sections. Create a few of these kinds of questions.

You can also click the “set correct answer” button and set the correct answer, by doing this when they select the correct answer, they will get a green light.

As soon as you have created your questions we can click on the “results” section on the left-hand side tab. Then we simply need to check all the details are correct and click on publish in the top right-hand corner.

This will provide you with a live link for you to copy, this is the link that we’re going to be sharing when we get our free traffic. When people click onto it and they complete the quiz you’re going to get paid one dollar and sixteen cents again and again in passive income.


So where are you going to promote this quiz so that you can begin to make passive income? The best place that’s worked for me is Facebook and the reason that it works on Facebook is because of Facebook groups. I have actually done this in several niches however this one i know works very well, go to Facebook groups and type in sweepstakes.

You will discover groups like “freebies and giveaways” that you can join, you will discover lots of groups with thousands of members. Join all these various groups, remember we’re searching for freebies, giveaway and sweepstake groups.

These are groups created for this kind of thing you’re not going to be banned or blocked from them. Some of them literally have thousands of members you can put your quiz in front of.

Remember these guys are here due to the fact that they want this kind of stuff. Once inside the groups you simply want to create a post saying something along the lines of “How would you like a $100 Walmart gift card for FREE? If you do click the link below and follow the {instructions, it’s FREE”.

Then enter the link you got from the quiz you created for them to click on. If you want to shorten the link simply go to and follow the steps to create a much shorter link.

If you get just 100 people to take your quiz a day from these thousands of people in each group, then that’s over $100 in commissions for you. Also, there are several gift cards on for you to select from.

This gives you the opportunity to make a great deal of money online and it literally took us five minutes to set everything up.



This is a very simple and effective way to start earning passive income online, like with any method it takes action and persistence on your part. I have given you the steps now it’s over to you.   

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and remember to look out for more short article strategies from me to help make you money online.


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