5 Email List Building Tips And Why Its Still Worth Your Time

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I am sure by now you are probably tired of hearing that the “money is in the list”, maybe you have a list and it’s not quite living up to the saying, or maybe you haven’t started building one yet and you are wondering whether it is worth it.

Well, let’s take a look at it this way… If for some reason Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of contact and following you have built up with your customers or fan base should suddenly disappear or have problems?

Would you still have a means of keeping in contact with them? Probably not, now the chances are that this wouldn’t happen but even if they should go down or have problems for even a day or so, this could still cost you money.

Email marketing on the other hand has been around since the beginning and still continues to flourish. If you can build a list of quality followers and buyers then all of a sudden you have an asset, not only this but it easy to store people’s emails so you will always have these emails at your fingertips.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t also do social media marketing and any other type of marketing you may be doing, but it certainly makes sense to integrate list building into your marketing if that is something you are not currently doing.

Hopefully, you can see why building your email list today is still as important as it has ever been, so let’s dive into some tips to help you with your list building.


Landing pages are one of the most proven ways to build your list. They’re pages whose sole purpose is to accomplish one action — be it a purchase, a share, or, for our case, a sign-up.

When you’re asking for an email address, you’re usually giving something away called a content upgrade. These upgrades can be ebooks, guides, videos, or any piece of valuable content you don’t generally give away.

These landing pages generally stand on their own — they’re not accessible through your main navigation. You can use landing pages in very specific ways (some people create a landing page for every banner ad they create).

Services like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more provide such features for their users to design landing pages aimed to collect emails.


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2. Create a brand-specific lead magnet

This is an incentive that stands on its own.

It’s not tied to any piece of content, and it should have a mass appeal.

I don’t mean that it must be geared towards everyone on the Internet. But people in your target market should be attracted by your brand-specific free offer.

Here are some examples:

  • an email course
  • a challenge
  • a resource library
  • an ultimate guide
  • a Facebook group or other online community
  • a content series, e.g., a video series or a blog post series
  • a toolkit



3. Make your Emails “Hyper-Personalized”

A great way of starting this process is by sending a welcome email to your subscribers, right after they have shared their email address with you.

Personalization is one the best ways to gain trust from a customer says Gaetano DiNardi Head of Demand Generation at Nextiva.

In this welcome email, you may mention how grateful you are, that they have taken out time from their busy days and chose to subscribe to your email list rather than picking someone else.

Not only will this type of email make them feel more connected to you, but also make them think, that they are invested in your growth and success.

Here are some tips you can follow while writing your welcome email:

a.    Always address your subscriber by their first name, rather than just saying generic greetings like Hello Subscriber.

Calling them out by their first name will instantly develop a bond and will make them feel more connected to you, on a personal as well as professional level.

b.    Keep it short and sweet.

Instead of writing a whole paragraph on how grateful you feel that they have subscribed to your mailing list, just write one or two lines thanking them and then move to provide value.

Keep in mind, that the sole reason your reader chose to subscribe to your email list, is because they believe, that your emails will provide them with some unique service/product which they may or may not find anywhere else.

Why not turning to writing pros like those at Grab My Essay , Studicus or SupremeDissertations to keep your emails laconic and informative?

Once the welcome email has been sent, wait a day or two and then start sending your weekly or daily newsletter.

But remember, you can ensure that only that information is linked where the subscriber has shown some interest on your websites like your blogs, particular service or such.

Make sure to set a schedule to send the emails. Sending boring news or daily follows to your blogs, won’t be of much help, because your readers will feel that you are spamming them.

Make it a point to experiment and figure out a routine that works best for you as well as your subscribers.

Segmentise” your emails:

Remember one size fits all emails do not work. Research says 56 per cent of emails fail to be opened as readers find them irrelevant

c.    Keep an eye on the stats and see if your emails are opened, what time is spent reading them and if the links are being clicked on or not.

d.    Look for preferences or better prepare a list of your content and ask them to pick what they would like to receive in their mailbox.

e.    Look for location, and if the client list is specialised, build a sales and customer relationship and send relevant information

According to research carried out by DMA, segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. All these metrics will help you to know where you are going wrong and thus help you quickly resolve them to make your emails more effective and efficient.


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4. Create ads to target people who are interested in your products

You can use other methods to help capture leads that are interested in your products. This is an opportunity to create advertisements to appeal to interested leads and entice them to sign up for emails.

One method you can use to entice leads to sign up for emails is social media. You can create ads and posts on your page to encourage people to sign up for emails to receive special offers. It’s a great way to capture leads that would be interested in receiving emails about your products.

If you want to capture more credible leads, you’ll want to enlist in other methods to help you obtain more leads. It will help you build up your email list.



Your blog is a great way to generate subscribers for a couple of reasons. 

First, of course, is the fact that it generates traffic. And with all that traffic, you can point to lead magnets, newsletter subscription windows, and plenty of other offerings to build your email list. 

But one often underutilized tactic is to collect email subscribers through your blog’s comment section

Now, you can, of course, use a pricey tool like Disqus to beef up your comments section and add some flair. 


You can simply add a required “email” section in the “Leave a Comment” form at the bottom of your blog.  



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